Author = Shams Ali Rezazadeh
Number of Articles: 2
1. Identification and determination of different alkaloids from Atropa belladonna L. by Gas chromatography method

Volume 2, Issue 3, Autumn 2011, Pages 203-210

Sajjad Sedaghat; Reza Hajiaghaee; Rahim Taghizad Farid; Zohreh Kadkhoda; Sayad Vahid Ghasemi; Hasan Ali Naghdi Badi; Farhad Harriri; Shams Ali Rezazadeh

2. Determination of alkaloids amount from Iranian Papaver bracteatum Lindl. by HPLC

Volume 2, Issue 1, Spring 2011, Pages 39-43

Zohreh Kadkhoda; Sajjad Sedaghat; Shams Ali Rezazadeh; Hasan Ali Naghdi Badi; Rahim Taghizad Farid; Farhad Harriri