Identification of phytochemicals, plant compounds Smirnovia iranica.

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1 Department of Natural Resources and Earth Sciences, University of Kashan, Isfahan, Iran

2 Department of Natural Resources, University of Tehran,Tehran, Iran

3 Institute of natural essential oils, University of kashan, kashan, Iran


Background & Aim: Fabaceae plant family cow tail (Smirnovia iranica) is one of the valuable species of native shrubs and sand dunes in the central region of Iran which is consistent with the production of forage and soil conservation and creating a beautiful landscape; it has the active ingredients of medicinal values. The purpose of this study was to investigate the presence of some phytochemicals in this plant for the first time. Experimental: The habitat of the plant, located in Kashan sand dunes four study sites were chosen from a distance of 30 km. Phytochemical study during the third week of April 1391 flowering branches and leaves collected at each site using soxhlet apparatus for 8 h were extracted by methanol extract of leaves and flowers. Mayer and Wagner's reagent for alkaloids detected the test for determining anthocyanins and flavonoids cyanidin, Chloroferric solution to test for the presence of tannins and test the reaction of anthraquinone Bourne - Tragr was used. Results & Discussion: The results indicate the presence of alkaloids, flavonoids, anthocyanins and tannins, and the presence or absence of low- anthraquinone in both the body and the whole site. The final conclusion in terms of the priority phytochemicals valuable plant in flower organs and the optimum harvest Qasim Abad is the preferred site. Recommended applications/industries: Based on the results of this study , this  native plant have worth phytochemicals that preservation and  resuscitation and Advantage of its be considered


Article Title [Persian]

شناسایی برخی فیتوترکیب های گیاه Smirnovia iranica

Authors [Persian]

  • منصوره قوام 1
  • حسین آذرنیوند 2
  • مریم اخباری 3
1 گروه مرتع و آبخیزداری، دانشکده منابع طبیعی و علوم زمین دانشگاه کاشان، کاشان، ایران
2 دانشکده منابع طبیعی، دانشگاه تهران، تهران، ایران
3 پژوهشکده اسانس های طبیعی دانشگاه کاشان، کاشان، ایران
Abstract [Persian]

مقدمه و هدف: از خانواده Fabaceae گیاه دم گاوی (Smirnovia iranica) یکی از گونه های درختچه ای ارزشمند بومی و سازگار در ماسه زارهای مناطق مرکزی ایران است که علاوه بر تولید علوفه و حفاظت خاک و ایجاد چشم انداز زیبا ، به نظر میرسد دارای مواد مؤثره و ارزش دارویی است. هدف از این تحقیق بررسی حضور برخی فیتوترکیبهای در این گیاه برای اولین بار  بود.  روش تحقیق: در رویشگاه این گیاه واقع در ماسه زارهای کاشان 4 سایت مطالعاتی به فاصله  30 کیلومتر از هم انتخاب گردید. به منظور مطالعه فیتوشیم