Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 2, Summer 2016 

Original article

1. Cytotoxic effect of hydroalcoholic extract from Thymus daenesis Celak on MCF-7 cancer cells line

Pages 65-71

Fatemeh Sadeghi Samani; Hossein Sazegar; Abdollah Ghasemi Pirbalouti

2. Analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities of Zea mays leaves

Pages 73-82

Jude E Okokon; Koofreh Davies; Bassey S Antia

6. Phytochemical investigation of the essential oils from the leaf and stem of (Apiaceae) in Central Zagros, Iran

Pages 109-116

Fakhteh Zandpour; Mohammad Reza Vahabi; Ali Reza Allafchian; Hamid Reza Farhang

7. Influence of chitosan concentration on morpho-physiological traits, essential oil and phenolic content under different fertilizers application in Thymus daenensis

Pages 117-125

Zohreh Emami Bistgani; Seyed Ata Siadat; Abdolmehdi Bakhshandeh; Abdollah Ghasemi Pirbaluti; Masoud Hashemi